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  • NCE CS02 Command Station

    Command Station portion only of PH-Pro (no throttle (cab), booster or decoders). Use the CS02 if you would like a command station separate from your power boosters.

    MSRP: $279.95
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  • NCE PB110a 10-Amp Power Booster

    10 Amp Power Booster with Automatic-Reverse-Loop capability.  Recommended for O, G and other large scales. The PB-110a provides a true 10 Amps of continuous power to your track. Requires a separate power supply such as the NCE Brutis or the...

    MSRP: $319.95
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  • NCE SB5 Smart Booster for PowerCab

    The SB5 Smart Booster adds expanded and updated features to a Power Cab DCC system. Features Provides an additional 5 amps of power to run trains and accessories. Power Cab(s) used with the SB5 can be unplugged and used in true walk around...

    MSRP: $259.95
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  • NEC DB5 Dumb Booster 5 Amp for Power Cab

    The NCE DB5 Dumb Booster Provides an additional 5 Amps of power to an NCE SB5 Smart Booster (sold separately), or other 5 Amp DCC system. Additional DB5 5-Amp boosters may be connected for even more power handling on larger layouts. Includes P514 5-amp...

    MSRP: $209.95
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