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Power Cab

  • NCE Auto-SW Switch for Power Cab

    NCE Auto-SW Switch for Power Cab

    When the Power Cab is changed to “USE PROGRAM TRACK”, the entire main line becomes the program track. You could end up with all of your locomotives having the same address. The Power Cab manual shows a way to manually turn off the mainline...

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  • NCE Power Cab 2 Amp DCC Starter Set

    An entire DCC system in the palm of your hand! This 2 Amp system can operate 2 or 3 HO sized trains, or 4 N scale trains. The Power Cab provides all of the capability and ease of use that youve heard about in our Power Pro system, at an entry level price...

    MSRP: $229.95
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  • NCE Power Cab USB Computer Interface

    Add this USB computer interface for computer programming and/or operation of your Power Cab equipped layout. Requires USB cable, computer and railroad computer program such as JMRI Decoder Pro and Panel Pro.

    MSRP: $59.95
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  • NCE SB5 Smart Booster for PowerCab

    The SB5 Smart Booster adds expanded and updated features to a Power Cab DCC system. Features Provides an additional 5 amps of power to run trains and accessories. Power Cab(s) used with the SB5 can be unplugged and used in true walk around...

    MSRP: $259.95
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  • NEC DB5 Dumb Booster 5 Amp for Power Cab

    The NCE DB5 Dumb Booster Provides an additional 5 Amps of power to an NCE SB5 Smart Booster (sold separately), or other 5 Amp DCC system. Additional DB5 5-Amp boosters may be connected for even more power handling on larger layouts. Includes P514 5-amp...

    MSRP: $209.95
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