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Decoder Testing

  • DCC Specialties PowerPax Programming Booster

    The Power Pax safely boosts programming power and gives you hassle-free programming of Atlas, BLI and Proto 2000 locomotives with QSI Quantum Sound - Soundtraxx and multiple decoder/loco combinations. Recommended for and compatible with Digitrax, Lenz,...

    MSRP: $59.95
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  • ESU 53900 Professional DCC Decoder Tester

    Features NEM651 6-Pin Socket. NEM652 8-Pin Socket. 21-Pin MTC Interface. PluX22 interface. Next18 Interface. Terminal Block for connection of wire harness decoders. Terminal Block for connection to DCC system or programmer device. High quality...

    MSRP: $52.90
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  • NCE DTK Decoder Test Kit

    A perfect companion for DCC decoder installations and operation. This self-contained unit allows you to program and test any decoder before it is installed in your locomotive. Features Works with ANY DCC Decoder 8-Pin and 9-Pin JST...

    MSRP: $29.95
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  • Soundtraxx 829002 PTB-100 Programming Booster

    Features The PTB-100 Programming Track Booster is a handy tool for anyone who uses DCC sound decoders. Many sound decoders such as from Soundtraxx and QSI draw more current while being programmed than a regular motor and lighting only decoder. The...

    MSRP: $65.95
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