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  • Bullfrog Snot Liquid Traction Tire Paint, 1oz

    Bullfrog Snot Liquid Traction Tire Paint, 1oz

    Frequently Asked Questions about Bullfrog Snot (courtesy of Bullfrog Snot) What is it? It is a sophisticated, specially secret formulated, room temperature curing, one-part green liquid plastic with very unique properties. BULLFROG SNOT was...

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  • Microscale MI-9 Micro Kristal Klear

    Microscale Micro Kristal Klear, 1 oz

    Micro Kristal Klear can make the difference in the appearance of your models. Micro Kristal Klear is a liquid that can be used to form very real looking small windows up to about 1/4 in size. It is also an adhesive for mounting clear plastic parts,...

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  • Microscale MI-7 Micro Mask, 1oz

    Microscale Micro Mask, 1oz

    Micro Mask is like masking tape in a bottle. Just apply it with a brush, let it dry, and cut it to any shape you want with a sharp-pointed knife. Peel out the part where you want to paint, leaving an outer stencil mask, and paint with the method of you...

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  • Pacer ZAP Z-7 CA Glue Debonder, 1 oz

    Pacer ZAP Z-7 CA Glue Debonder, 1 oz

    Debonding agent for all super glues. Softens cured glue so it can be easily removed from fingers and other surfaces. Features  ​​Debonding Agent for all Super Glues Removes Cured Cyanoacrylate Will Not Craze Most Plastics Odorless *HAZ*...

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  • Pacer ZAP Z71 Red Thread Locker

    This is a .20 oz bottle of Z-71 Thread Locker from Pacer Technologies. Permanent strength red anaerobic threadlocker is resistant to gasoline, diesel, antifreeze, transmission fluid and oil. Prevents galling and corrosion of threads. Permanently locks...

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  • Plastruct Plastic Weld 2oz

    The leading general purpose solvent cement for fast, permanent bonding of most dissimilar plastics. Immediately tacky, sets in minutes. Permanently bonds ABS to Butyrate, ABS to Styrene, ABS to Acrylic and more. Actually dissolves a thin film of the...

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  • Walthers GOO All Purpose Adhesive Glue

    GOO is the All-Purpose adhesive that grips almost anything. It never lets go. GOO is perfect for building or repairing jobs on your layout and around the house. The easy contact action of GOO produces fast-setting joints with any material. GOO works...

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  • Woodland Scenics ST1444 Foam Tack Glue, 12oz

    Specially formulated for foam but also effective on wood, cork and Homasote board. Foam Tack Glue is high-tack, non-toxic, water soluble and dries clear and flexible. Use as a contact cement whenever bonding two large surfaces. 12 fl oz/354ml

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