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Digitrax Announces the new LocoNet WiFi Interface

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Digitrax Announces the new LocoNet WiFi Interface (LNWI)!

The LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains using compatible throttle apps.

  • Wi-Fi interface to a Digitrax LocoNet for up to four compatible mobile Wi-Fi devices and Apps.
  • Compatible with most Android and Apple devices running supported throttle apps
  • Easy Setup and Configuration. A single LNWI works ‘out of the box’, with no additional configuration required.
  • Provides up to 32 LocoNet Throttle functionality per LNWI, with compatible apps and Command Station.
  • Up to 8 LNWI can be supported per LocoNet
  • Multiple LNWI units automatically resolve SSID with no additional configuration
  • Optional Wi-Fi WPA2 security for layout operations in public.
  • Option switches to fully customize all device settings
  • LocoNet Compatible

View the LNWI Product Page

New Digitrax BXP88 Occupancy Detector

Digitrax, Inc. is proud to announce the new BXP88 Occupancy Detector!The BXP88 makes adding detection and transponding to your layout easier than ever. No more complicated wiring!FeaturesDCC Occupancy Detection supports up to 8 Detection Sections letting you know when equipped rolling stock is in a detection section on your layout.One Transponding Zone per Detection [...]

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New Digitrax Advanced DCC Boosters

New Advanced Digitrax DCC Boosters!These new advanced boosters are designed to give you more power to run your trains. The new boosters offer 3,5, or 8 amps of output power to better match the Command Station of your choice. They are available as a DB210 single booster in regular or opto-isolated offering up [...]

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Digitrax Announces New DT500 Throttle

Digitrax announces new DT500 Series Advanced Super Throttle! Oct. 12, 2016 [...]

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Digitrax Announces New Evolution Starter Set

Digitrax Announces New Evolution Advanced DCC Starter Set! Oct. 12, 2016 [...]

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The MRC Light Genie is a wireless lighting control system for Model Trains and Railroads. The Light Genie is great for Model Railroads, Models & Dioramas, Educational Projects, Arts & Crafts, Home Decor, Table Decorations and more. Each output can control 2 incandescent bulbs or 4 or more LEDs. With a total of 12 outputs, Light Genie [...]

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BLI Announces Rolling Thunder Sound System

BLI Announces Rolling Thunder Sound SystemWe are still amazed by the realistic sounds our models can produce. Yet when we hear a real locomotive, we notice the deep rumbling sounds that even our advanced model locomotives simply [...]

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Review of Cobalt Turnout Motor

Review of Cobalt Turnout Motor Buy Cobalt Turnout MotorsWhen I started model railroading some 5 decades ago, the hot ticket was the Atlas Snap-Switch. These turnouts used inexpensive solenoids that echoed their name. They snapped audibly and the turnout followed suit. Solenoids improved and I eventually graduated to NJ international solenoids with two pair of contacts [...]

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