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  • Digitrax BD4 Quad Occupancy Detector

    Digitrax BD4 Quad Occupancy Detector

    Transmits occupancy information to your LocoNet System using a DS54 (discontinued) or SE8C Signal Decoder. Detects four blocks. Features Cost Effective occupancy detection for 4 detection sections Outputs for panel mounted LEDs to display...

    $29.95 $24.95
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  • Digitrax BDL168 Occupancy Detector

    The BDL168 provides cost effective occupancy detection for 16 detection sections. For use with one or two RX4 transponder detectors to set up 8 transponding zones and/or operations mode read back. Replaces BDL162. Features The BDL168 provides cost...

    $149.99 $119.95
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  • Digitrax BXP88 LocoNet Occupancy Detector with 8 Detection Sections, Transponding and Power Management

    Digitrax BXP88 LocoNet Occupancy Detector

    BXP88 makes adding detection and transponding to your layout easier than ever.  No more complicated wiring! Features DCC Occupancy Detection supports up to 8 Detection Sections letting you know when equipped rolling stock is in a detection...

    $175.00 $139.95
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  • Digitrax LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface

    Digitrax LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface

    The LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains using compatible throttle apps. Features Wi-Fi interface to a Digitrax LocoNet for up to four compatible mobile Wi-Fi devices and Apps. Compatible with most Android and...

    $79.00 $63.95
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  • Digitrax RD2 Remote Sensing Diodes

    RD2 Remote Sensing Diodes for BDL16 & BDL162. Remote sensing of 2 detection sections. Eliminates the need for long runs of heavy gauge wire between the BDL16 & remotely located track sections. Remote sensing of 2 detection sections...

    $9.99 $8.99
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  • Digitrax RX4 4-ZoneTransponding Receiver

    RX4 4-Zone Transponding Receiver add-on for BDL Series Detectors. Features 4 Zone Transponding Receiver Add-on for BDL16 series occupancy detectors. Use up to two RX4s with a BDL168 to add transponding to any 8 detection sections on your layout...

    $49.95 $39.95
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  • Digitrax SDCK Signal Driver Cable Kit

    Materials for making 2 Signal Driver Cables for SE8C. Includes 30’ of 10-wire Signal Driver ribbon cable & 8 10-Pin sockets. Use this kit to make signal driver cables to connect your SE8c to the signals on the railroad. Make the cables any...

    $19.99 $16.95
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  • Digitrax SE8C Signal Decoder

    The SE8C Plug `N Play Signal Decoder makes it easy to add prototypical signaling to your layout. The SE8C can drive as many as 32 signal heads with many popular LED signal types. It can also be used to control up to 8 slow motion turnout machines as...

    $125.00 $99.95
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  • Digitrax SMBK Signal Mast Base Kit

    Includes 3 Signal Masts that can be used as Signal Mast Bases in any scale or can be painted and detailed and used as N-scale signal masts. Making these circuit boards look like signals is easy, just paint the mast silver and the heads black (be sure...

    $15.00 $11.99
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  • Digitrax SMHK Signal Mounting Hardware Kit

    Under layout mounting hardware for Signal Driver Cables and their sockets. These handy bits of hardware hold your signal plugs at just the right distance from the layout to make it easy to plug in your signals. Includes 6 Metal Signal Straps 6...

    $9.99 $8.99
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  • Digitrax TSMK Terminal Strip Mounting Kit

    Use this interface instead of Signal Mast Bases when you already have signals installed on your layout. Simply run the wires from your existing signals to the terminals on the TSMK and plug your Signal Driver Cable in on the plug provided...

    $15.00 $11.99
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