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Caboose Industries

All Caboose Industries ground throws are made of tough, self-lubricating black Delrin. An external cam provides maximum life and travel for each model.  The ingenious design provides a positive lock in both straight and curved directions of throw, effective from 10° above horizontal to the full down position.  A detent assists in holding the handle horizontal for installation purposes.

The ground throws are perfect for throwing turnouts by hand in yards, terminals and industrial spurs.  All Caboose Industries ground throws are available in sprung and rigid configurations. 

Sprung Ground Throws (Series 200S) feature two internal stainless steel springs to take up the overtravel and maintain tension on switch points against the turnout stock rail.  The springs are preloaded to a 6-ounce force, that assist in solid electrical contact between points and stock rail and aiding in turnout installation. 

Rigid Ground Throws (Series 100R) are fully-functioning stands that require the hobbyist to supply a spring link between the slidebar and turnout throwbar.  Rigid models are recommended when the ground throw must be mounted some distance from the turnout. Ground throw motion is transmitted via a spring wire running through a tube to the turnout mechanism.

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