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Walthers Layout Control System offers a low-cost, high tech solution for easy turnout control for HO, N, Z, S, and O Scale layouts!

The system is expandable to grow with your layout and may be used with DCC- or DC-power. A DCC Stationary Decoder is integrated into the switch machine for DCC users. The system uses plug-and-play servo-style wiring with connectors, so no soldering is needed. The two styles of cables are available separately to expand your wiring as needed.

User-friendly instructions are included with all items. Drilling templates for easy mounting on your layout or fascia are included as appropriate.

You can easily construct a complete turnout control system using combinations of the system components which include: 

  • A servo-based slow-motion Switch Machine
  • Power Distribution Block
  • LED Panel Indicator & Control Push Button Switches
  • Add-on Cabling System
  • 2 Amp, 12V Filtered DC Power Supply
  • Three-piece Drill Set

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