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  • Digitrax LT1 Decoder & LocoNet Cable Tester

    The LT1 is included with all Digitrax Starter Sets. It consists of a harness with 6 conductor Telco type wire and a male plug, a tester with a female 6 conductor jack and a protection resistor. If you make your own LocoNet cables, this is a handy device...

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  • NGineering N8021 Intelligent LED Tester

    This little tester can test any 20ma LED (any color) without the need for a current limiting resistor. Just snap the tester on a standard 9-volt battery and start testing. Accidental reverse connection will not harm LED. Accidental shorting of test...

    MSRP: $10.95
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  • NGineering NT301 SMD LED & Wire Holding Tool

    NGineering NT301 SMD LED & Wire Holding Tool

    This handy little tool safely yet firmly holds SMD LEDs, even tiny Nanos. A second padded clip holds wire for precise positioning during soldering operations. Using this tool greatly simplifies LED preparation, making reliably wired LEDs a...

    MSRP: $9.95
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